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We provide you with a number of style options for your event photographs, please see here or ask for more details.
We can advise and help you choose the best option for your event, for a free consultation, or to book your event photographer today call Phill on 01274 482032



Traditional background head and shoulders photograph of couple with cocktails at ball by Phill Andrew at The Image MillTraditional event photography is usually taken against a painted or dyed studio backdrop, it could be plain, mottled, or have a design on it.

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Black and white Noir photograph of ladies at blac tie ball by Phill Andrew at The Image MillNoir photography is created on a black background, with more directional lighting than with traditional event photography. Photographs can be black and white or colour.
Visit the Noir page for more detail

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Hi key, white background event photograph by event photographer Phill Andrew at The Image MillHi- Key backdrops are usually plain white or very light coloured. They give a very clean (some say clinical) appearance and have been fashionable for some time now, the current trend is away from white backdrops.




prom photograph group of guys on staircase by Phill Andrew at The Image Mill

This is dependent on the location of your event, where we photograph your guests against the available environment (subject to permissions).
It could be the exhibits in a museum or gallery;  the decor or architecture of the venue; even the garden.
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Greenscreen photography by Phill Andrew at The Image MillAlso called greenscreen or bluescreen, chromakey is known for its use in creating special effects in the film and TV industry.
Visit the Greenscreen page for more detail

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We may be able to provide a backdrop that fits in with the theme of your event.
(Hire charges may apply, and are payable in advance)